Gather-N-Go Meals

We are excited to announce our new Gather-N-Go meal options for the moments you want to share a homemade meal with your loved ones but may not have the time or energy to create one.

Have you tried online meal delivery kits like Home Chef, Blue Apron, or HelloFresh? If so, you will appreciate the improvements we have made to these services. Gather-N-Go meals have most of the time-consuming preparation work done for you!

Are cardboard delivery boxes crowding your life? Gather-N-Go meals create minimal waste and none of the bulky packaging that comes with other meal delivery kits. You can feel good about choosing convenience without harming the environment.

How it works:

Order your meals here at We will let you know when your meals are ready for pickup. Bring the meals home, follow the simple cooking instructions, and enjoy. Gather-N-Go meals are intended to be cooked and eaten fresh but will maintain their high quality for up to three days.

Sharing a meal together is a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Let us handle collecting fresh ingredients and time-consuming prep work so you can have the freedom to do what you enjoy.